Corporate Finance

Finance departments at companies must actively take part in managing the business, whether by effectively delivering transactional services, maximizing cash flows, assisting in planning, providing support in pricing and performance management, or making business-critical decisions.


We have a group of experts with experience in:

  • Planning, budget and forecasts 
  • Cash flow management and projections (working capital management)
  • Accounting 
  • Tax 
  • Costs and performance management,
  • Shared service center 
  • Management information and model 
  • Financial risk management 
Fair value appraisal report

Application of mathematical methodologies widely accepted in the market (Income Approach, Market Approach, and Cost Approach) to determine the value of a particular company or asset, considering market, economic and financial criteria.


The activities required to valuate assets and liabilities are expected to become increasingly complex in the coming years.

Our professionals are highly qualified in financial, accounting, tax and due diligence processes, which allows us to provide enterprise valuation services for wide-ranging purposes.

Valuation is one of the foremost parts of any process of acquisition, merger, spin-off, sale, corporate restructuring, capital injection, IPO, etc., and can be performed using the following criteria:

  • Fair Value (guided by rules, particularly CPC 46 – Fair Value Measurement)
  • Investment Value (considers the assumptions and needs of a private investor, based on their individual investment requirements and expectations).
Purchase Price Allocation

This is the process of allocating the acquisition cost of an entity to its acquired assets and assumed liabilities, appraised at their Fair Value (link to corporate finance). The surplus is considered goodwill.

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