RIsk Advisory

Corporate Risk Management is a process that undergoes constant development applied to the organization’s strategy. Among the services we offer, we can highlight consultancy for reviewing internal controls, internal audit, risk assessment, and business diagnostics.

Plus, by mapping and redesigning business processes, structuring departments and implementing an action plan, we aim to ensure that your company’s project is fully compliant with the law and with current best practices. All this aims to lower your company’s operating costs, increase efficiency, and add value.

Internal controls
We advise our clients on how to develop and strengthen their internal controls, by preparing, reviewing, and continuously evaluating the structure of corporate controls over strategic and operational processes.
Internal Audit
An effective internal audit can help your company formulate a new governance and risk paradigm — anticipating problems, eliminating duplication, and identifying possible areas for performance improvement. Our work includes: preparing the methodology, deploying tools to automate the internal audit execution process, risk mapping, assessing the control environment, among others.
Process mapping, redesign, and monitoring
Process Mapping and Redesign is aimed at the structuring, review and ongoing assessment of strategic, financial and operational processes and controls. Through flowcharts, we offer a systemic view of companies’ departments and processes, and streamline decision-making processes.
Our professionals have the right training and experience to assist your company in developing or monitoring corporate governance programs, which comprise the system that steers, monitors and encourages proper administration of companies and other organizations. Our services are essential to improve relationships between partners, the board of directors, the executive board, oversight and control agencies, and other stakeholders.
Risk matrix
We assist organizations in preparing the risk matrix for several departments. A risk matrix is a management tool that uses the likelihood and impacts of certain problems, should they materialize. Its main function is to anticipate potential risks and thereby create measures to prevent or detect them to lessen their impacts on the organization. Our professionals can map out risks within the scope of a Compliance or Internal Audit project, or meet any other specific demand of your company.
Developing rules and procedures
We assist companies in developing and implementing Standards, Policies and Procedures, aimed at establishing guidelines for the preparation, approval, publication and dissemination of regulatory documents that comprise the company’s governance framework.

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