Independent audits are aimed at giving reliability and credibility to the financial information provided by companies to various stakeholders such as banks, investors, vendors, the government, and other interested parties.
Independent Audit
And an audited company provides greater reliability and credibility to the readers of its financial statements.

In a highly competitive environment and in an increasingly rigorous regulatory scenario, companies that adopt the practice of having their figures examined by independent auditors will get the jump on their competitors, because they have more trustworthy numbers to present to investors, customers, and vendors. Independent audit reports are generally issued on an annual basis, at the closing of the company’s financial year, or on a quarterly or half-yearly basis as determined by a regulatory agency.

Limited review
Under certain circumstances (in situations of urgency, low financial resources to invest in auditing, or during a company’s preparation to follow compliance rules), a limited review may be an alternative to a full audit, as it provides limited assurance of the Financial Statements and not all of the procedures of a full independent audit are applied.

If you have never experienced an audit process, you may want to consider starting with a limited review.

Previously agreed-upon procedures
Any conflicts that require third-party validation — whether for use in legal proceedings, confirmation of agreements or contracts, solution of family problems or other situations — can be resolved in a very objective and straightforward way using previously agreed-upon procedures.

This type of service includes work on accounting data or other information, subsequent issuing a report with the findings of facts specifically found.
The work may involve the auditor’s applying certain procedures related to financial data items, an isolated financial statement, or even a complete set of financial statements.

Accounting report
Tax authorities have determined that all corporate transactions must be supported by accounting reports.

If you’re planning any type of corporate restructuring, we can help you with the issuance of accounting valuation reports for mergers, spin-offs, take-overs, and public offerings. Our experience as providers of accounting services allows us to supply all applicable legal and paralegal support as well.

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Limited assurance of sustainability reports
Concern for the environment has increasingly been affecting many of the firms at which we operate. Whether through demands.

Performing the work and issuing limited assurance reports on information regarding sustainability.

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