Tax Advisory

We have supported companies in a wide array of sectors with tax diagnostics and analyses of their operations, to verify the main tax impacts. We act in the difficult task of interpreting legislation, and we identify opportunities to reduce your current tax burden.

  • Evaluation of the tax efficiency of the current corporate and operational structure;
  • Evaluation of international operations and its tax impacts;
  • International tax planning – International Tax Services;
  • Evaluation of the tax impacts of the current structure of foreign investments in Brazil, either directly or via capital markets;
  • Evaluation of transactions with related parties for purposes of better tax efficiency – ​​Transfer Pricing;
  • Diagnosis for identification of tax opportunities based on success fees;
  • Analysis of the efficiency of the current Taxation Regime (Actual Profit, Quarterly Actual Profit, Presumed Profit or Simple);
  • Calculation and operation of tax credits; and
  • Tax opinions and Appraisals.
  • Review or preparation of IRPJ, CSLL, IPI, ICMS, PIS, Cofins and ISS calculation bases;
  • Review or preparation of tax returns (ECD, ECF, EFD-Contribuições, SPED Fiscal, EFD-Reinf, DCTF and DCTF-Web, BACEN and SUSEP);
  • Review or preparation of Transfer Pricing calculations;
  • Electronic compliance to evaluate the consistency of the information provided to tax authorities through tax returns (cross-check among returns);
  • Analysis of the current corporate and operational structure to maximize tax eficiency;
  • Calculation of IPI, ICMS, PIS and Cofins tax credits, including e-CredAc;
  • Preparation and review of tax packages;
  • Administrative Defenses (Oppositions and Motions of Nonconformity with Disapproval to Offset Tax Credits);
  • Preparation of calculations to support Administrative Defenses;
  • Review of labor and social security procedures;
  • Assessment of social security (INSS) and withholding income tax (IRRF) tax credits on indemnification wages;
  • Tax BPO with temporary tax team allocation (strategic or operational levels) – Staff Loan;
  • Legalization of processes with Mayor’s Office, State Revenue Services, IRS, Union Councils, Opening and Closure of companies, creation of branches and update of Taxpayer ID Cards (CNPJs) – Paralegal and;
  • Assistance in the process of refunding tax credits and operationalizing court decisions

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