irko hirashima


Solutions for each and every moment in the life of your company.



Methods and processes in sync with your business needs



Reliability and credibility of the financial information provided by companies to various stakeholders such as banks, investors, vendors, the government, and other interested parties


More than people, ideas

We are a company that provides a wide range of DIFFERENTIATED PROFESSIONAL SERVICES in the areas of auditing, consulting, corporate transactions, business finance, and internal controls; we serve major corporations and start-ups, investment funds, and M&A firms.

Our TAILORED services and solutions are designed by professionals who truly want to know your business and who care about your success. Our partners are directly involved in all of the projects we handle.

Our ambition is to provide the right solution for the exact stage your company is in right now. More than merely delivering reports, we are genuine Business Advisors to our clients.

Our Services


Auditors who understand your business and know your needs

Transaction Sevices

The help you need when buying or selling a company

Corporate Finance

Our services allow your financial department to actively participate in company management and in business-critical decision making

Accounting Advisory

Assist wide-ranging companies in preparing accounting reports, in understanding the effects of complex transactions such as corporate restructurings, business combinations, leases, and the initial adoption of new accounting pronouncements.

Risk Advisory

A complete portfolio of Risk Management services, all of which are designed to ensure that your company’s project is fully compliant with the law and current best practices, thereby reducing your company’s operating costs, increasing efficiency, and adding value

Tax Advisory

Support to companies in a wide range of sectors, offering tax diagnostics and analyses of your operations so we can ascertain the main tax impacts involved

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