IRKO Hirashima becomes the first company in Latin America to offer training for ACCA qualification to all its employees

In line with the largest auditing and consulting companies, the company will give its employees the opportunity to seek international certification recognized in 176 countries


In constant search for evolution and experience and part of its DNA, IRKO Hirashima launched the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business program, aimed at offering all its employees the first stage of the ACCA training.

Awarded by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a British institution with more than a century of existence, the certification trains the student as a Chartered Accountant and measures up to a master’s degree in the United Kingdom. It is recognized in 176 countries, including members of the European Union, the United States, Australia and Canada.

Those who complete the training become a member of the association, which today has more than 220 thousand professionals, and can benefit from a wide network of contacts around the world.

“Aligned with the largest auditing and consulting companies in the world, IRKO Hirashima invests in training and constant instruction g of its staff. The ACCA qualification, recognized worldwide, will allow them to reach a new level of excellence in their activities, occupying a strategic and prominent place in our sector”, says the company’s Managing Partner, Eduardo Luque.

The training, offered in partnership with SHP Financial Training, ACCA’s first and only Gold partner in Latin America and also accredited by the Federal Accounting Council for continuing education, will initially cover all components of the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business. This certification ends with three tests, in the disciplines of Business and Technology, Management Accounting and Financial Accounting, and an online ethics module.

The program to obtain complete certification consists of 13 rigorous tests, divided into three phases, and lasts an average of three to four years. Students can also earn a bachelor’s degree from Oxford Brookes University and a master’s degree from the University of London, in addition to the ACCA certification.

To ensure that its employees have the opportunity and the time necessary to dedicate themselves to training, the company will also offer them a leave of absence for part of the weekly workday.

“We see daily an evolution of what is required of professionals in administration, accounting and finance: new governance practices, different technologies and an always challenging business environment. For this reason, we will continue to seek to offer the best opportunities and the most up-to-date training options for our employees”, says Eduardo Luque.

“The adoption of international training in Chartered Accountancy across IRKO Hirashima is a bold and visionary action, and will allow the company to develop the best talent – as well as give you the credentials to compete under advantageous conditions on the global stage,” says Susan Hawkins , founder of SHP.

“The company is providing unprecedented levels of support and challenge to all its employees and, in my view, is writing the opening page for a new chapter in the history of the accounting profession in Brazil”, says Christopher Johnson, Chartered Accountant and Senior Advisor to SHP.